About Us

The Story Behind Live Like Loyalty

At the heart of our business is a core belief and passion to support our independent businesses and local entrepreneurs. These are the people that are vital to the survival of our local economies and High Streets.

The founders of this business have run there own businesses for many years and decided it was time to start a revolution, in the way people think and support their local economy. We believe that the most valuable resources a business can have are their staff. Showing appreciation and gratitude to your employees has an array of benefits, having an employee reward scheme allows you to say “thank you” to your employees, on a daily basis. 

We are here to support each other, to boost local economies and to say thank you to the people that keep our businesses ticking.

Our passion is to create an initiative where a win win situation occurs from local staff supporting their local independent businesses. This will help your local area to thrive and keep your staff happy at the same time.

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