Access Your Telemedicine

Our Telemedicine Service is available to all employees who have been signed up for our Perks Platinum employee benefit package. (Lucky you!)

We have partnered with Telus Health (formerly LifeWorks) in providing our Telemedicine to ensure our subscribers have access to the best virtual healthcare!

To access your Telemedicine Service you will need to download your wellbeing platform – Telus Health One. If you haven’t done that just yet, click here for our easy guide on how to do that!

If you’re ready to make your first Telemedicine Appointment, please follow these steps…

For any urgent care we urge you to call 999 or seek advice from 111.

(We do recommend setting up your account in advance so it’s ready to go should you need it!)

1. In your Telus Health One app, click ‘Life’ tab on the bottom & then click Telemedicine

2. From this click ‘Go to: Telemedicine’ (this will open a new browser to Telemedicine Partner)

3. The activation code will already be filled in, click ‘Complete Activation’

4. Here you will see your plan summary & you need to create an account

5. Once you’ve created your account, you will need to add a few personal details & verify your identity

6. Then you’ll be all set to make your appointment!

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