Best Staff Perk Providers

Aside from the obvious benefits regarding attracting and retaining talent, staff perks have become more relevant than ever as a result of the increased financial pressure placed on staff due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. It is now more enticing than ever to provide staff with  the means to support their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

However, with the increasing number of employee benefit companies looking for your business, it is harder than ever to discern which scheme and which staff perks are right for your business. Join us in this article as we explore the staff perk landscape to explore its key players and their respective strengths/weaknesses.


Perkbox has established itself as a market leader within the industry, with offerings throughout the globe it has grown to provide its services to notable brands such as Bosch. This means that employee’s can access a huge portfolio of services, throughout the globe. Aside from its large portfolio, perkbox has a unique reward & recognition scheme that allows acclaimed staff to receive benefits worthy of their efforts, internally through the app.



Why choose Perkbox for your staff perks?

If you are a medium business operating across various international borders, Perkbox with its large international portfolio and intuitive staff reward scheme allow your staff to be rewarded, no matter where they are in the globe.


Pluxee (formerly sodexo) is one of the global leaders within the staff perk industry, operating for over 45 years. With numerous awards and accolades, as well as a large archive of experience, their customer based solutions offer customisation from their large portfolio. They provide a centralized means of getting people holistic packages with the most versatile methods of paying/redeeming out of any provider. This includes their own Pluxee card, green cars and smartpay services which provide an innovative take on employee benefits.



Why choose Pluxee for your staff perks?

If you are an international company that wants the most extensive offering that money can buy, Pluxee is the best option for you. While it cannot provide to cost savings or staff treats or compete with the local offerings of Live Like Loyalty, it provides the most holistic options of treating your staff worldwide, regardless of the circumstances.

Live Like Loyalty

Live Like Loyalty has quickly expanded its niche to become one of the best rated staff perk programs, boasting a 95% contract renewal rate. Live Like Loyalty has built its offering to compete with the largest staff perk providers in the industry, providing competitive offerings through its national perks, EAP, bike2work and Telemedicine scheme, with one key difference, its access to local benefits. Live Like Loyalty is built on the premise that an employee benefit scheme that does not provide staff’s favorite local businesses, as well as their favorite national benefits, does not fully cater to its staff needs. Started in 2019 during the coronavirus pandemic, Live Like Loyalty was initially created to incentivise the local workforce to spend their money on the businesses that needed it the most, the local independents. Its initial success has allowed it to grow to provide a competitive portfolio of national perks, an employee assistance program (EAP) and importantly, a same-day virtual GP service to cater to staff needs.



Why choose Live Like Loyalty for your staff perks?

If your company resides within Lincolnshire or any other counties within the current Live Like Loyalty offer range, then Live Like Loyalty could be a prime choice. Considering it goes beyond traditional offerings to provide staff with even more access to some of their favorite businesses, it is likely to have a larger effect on staff satisfaction/ employee engagement compared to other competitors. Whatsmore, its one of the most affordable providers out there.

Perks At Work

Perks at work boasts some of the biggest multinational clients of any provider. Unlike other staff perk schemes that primarily focus on the UK, Perks at work place a large emphasis on accessibility. This includes free online classes for staff development and an array of personal development technologies that allows your team to develop both in their careers and as individuals. They also provide their own virtual currency that can be redeemed for even more savings.



Why choose Perks At Work for your staff perks?

If you are a large multinational corporation and want to provide the same offerings as notable companies such as google, Perks at work is perhaps the most suitable option. Moreover, if staff have a large lifetime value for your organization and development is a key aspect of a desired employee benefit scheme, perks at work are nearly unparalleled in providing professional development.

Staff benefits

Staff benefits is a UK staff perks provider most notable for serving the NHS. Their staff benefits uniquely oriented around supporting staff wellbeing have made the brand well loved and respected in the industry. Whilst their benefits provide value, their client base is usually oriented around high stress professions (such as surgeons) who require their extensively well being focused packages.



Why choose Staff Benefits for your staff perks?

If emotional wellbeing is paramount in your company and you operate in a high stress environment in the health care industry, staff benefits may be the obvious choice considering its specialism and experience within the medical industry.

Staff Treats

Staff treats provides barebones staff perk packages to SME’s looking to provide discounts to employees with their network of retailers. Whilst it does not boast the most diverse package, it offers add-ons such as mobile phone insurance or a reward scheme at extra cost. This add on offerings makes it the cheapest option for small businesses looking for a small network of national perks.



Why choose Staff Treats for your staff perks?

If you are looking for a barebones provider at the cheapest cost, Staff treats and their unique pricing architecture may be the best choice. Additionally, for companies operating across the UK & the US, their unique portfolio allows access to both markets at a fraction of other international staff perks retailers.


Hopefully it should be clear by now that there is no ‘best staff perk scheme’, rather there is only the best scheme for your business. Key factors to consider include the size of the company, the location, budget and what benefits your staff likely need. 

Global companies

If you are an international organization that values growth, perks at work may be the best option for you. If you are a large international organization that wants to treat staff to a world of endless possibilities, Pluxee is likely the best choice. If you are a medium multinational business but don’t need such an extensive offering, Perkbox may be suitable.

Local companies

If on the other hand, price is the most important factor, staff provides the best architecture to keep the costs down. Finally, if a holistic package with national perks, an EAP, Telemedicine and access to local independents makes a difference to your staff in the UK, then Live Like Loyalty is the obvious choice.

We hope this helps and we wish you the best of luck in your search!