Calling All HR Professionals

Brand New! Calling Human Resources… you will love this! 

We have thought long and hard about your many challenges and have a great and unique solution to keep things a little simpler for you.

HR is a hectic environment with juggling and multi-tasking, from recruitment, retention, job satisfaction, creating company culture, to dealing with interpersonal conflicts, compliance, training and development, employee engagement and performance, to (last but never least) #employeebenefits

The list goes on…

So we decided we needed to come up with a solution to make your lives easier.

As well as providing our employee benefits and local perks with lots of discounts, savings and offers (for more information on our award winning perks please click here). There may be a range of additional benefits you offer your teams, you may offer extra days off work, salary sacrifice agreements, dental plans, extra advice on pensions… whatever that looks like it can all get a bit messy right?

So, guess what? We can now offer your organisation a bespoke solution! Just for you and your colleagues to see. A whole category with your company name and all the different offerings your firm have agreed, all beautifully set out with images and text for each one.

Signposting your staff to everything they need all in one rather magnificent and award winning app.

Picture this, day 1 new starter ….

“Morning Todd, welcome to the team, please check out this file for your new starter info, this link for health and safety guides, this handbook for company mission statements and goals… “


“Morning Todd, welcome to the team! For all your employee benefits and entitlements please download this  fabulous app  #livelikeloyalty. Here you can see everything we offer our team and what you can access.”

No more work trying to communicate everything to everyone.

There you go HR – we have just created you some free time! Now go and have a coffee on us!

To discuss how we can make your life easier in supporting your teams, please contact us today.