Comparing Employee Benefits

Does your Employee Benefit partner tick all the boxes?

Not all employee benefits are created equal.

We all have our own USP and unique offering… or do we?

We wanted to give you help and support if you’re currently comparing employee benefit providers to ensure you get the best match for you and your team before you commit.

Here’s our starter for 10 (& our answers!)…

Reviews and testimonials can give you first-hand accounts and experiences of real customers which can inform your decision making and make (or break!) your trust in their brand.

At Live Like Loyalty, we proudly include real life examples of the savings our current subscribers are making on our website. These are real life users who have taken the time to share their experience with us, you can read their case studies here. We’re also very happy to send over our testimonials from the decision makers who are proud to offer Live Like Loyalty to their teams.

An easy to navigate customer journey means your team will fully utilise the benefits you’re providing!

Our award-winning app is all you and your team need to redeem our work perks. Our offers are sorted by category and location, and we’ve just added a search bar so our subscribers can find exactly what they want every time!

If you have our EAP and online GP add-ons you’ll also find all the details right at the top of our navigation page. So your colleagues know exactly what you’re providing and how to access it. (It also means you have one point of contact, one invoice and one contract renewal date for these services too!)

Some perks are provided through third-party affiliates so providers don’t have control (or relationships) with the brands they’re showcasing which means the offers are subject to change without notice.

Not with Live Like Loyalty. – Our perks are completely exclusive to us, they have to be to join our platform. Our perks are from great independents here across the UK that we have taken the time personally to get to know, onboard and create an offer that also works for them. We still have access to well-known brands through our independents.

Just like navigating platforms, how easy will the redemption process be for your team? If it’s convoluted or there’s too many hurdles – it simply just won’t get used.

All the perks with Live Like Loyalty are easy to redeem, we purposely do not get involved in the transaction process so there’s no prepayment or faffing around with printing off vouchers.

To redeem an offer with us is simple, press redeem and either show your code when purchasing or enter your code online to receive your offer.

Working to support local people and our local communities is a shared responsibility for all business owners alike. Employee benefits as a whole ticks a box for how you look after your teams and enhances your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for sure!

Here at Live Like Loyalty, we understand that our benefits need to BENEFIT everyone, that is why we exclusively showcase perks from independent businesses. -Really supporting local communities and the local economy!

You can acknowledge providing Live Like Loyalty in your CSR policy and Social Value Mission Statement.

With tenders and PQQ’s weighting up to 30% towards social value having the right partners and suppliers in place is more important than ever!

It’s important that your customer support and service doesn’t stop the second you sign the contract. What kind of support can you expect for your team throughout the duration of your contract?

At Live Like Loyalty, we prioritise support request from our customers and act on them as a priority. We promise to respond to all support requests the same working day. Whether it’s help downloading and navigating our app, to chatting about offers nearby – we are here.

Our subscribers can access our support each working day between 9am – 5pm by either dropping us an email to or calling us directly on 01522 412 151. No chat bots or AI responses here!


Communication is key in all relationships and it’s important you know exactly who will be looking after you and your team. Afterall, you’re trusting them with your employee’s benefits and wellbeing.

By the time you have signed your agreement with us, you will have met our team and those responsible for delivering your new employee benefits. We’re very happy to meet you in person or over zoom – whatever you prefer!

You will have our direct contact numbers and emails, so you can get in touch should you need us! (We did respond to a query on Christmas Eve – when we say we put our customers first, we really do!)

Again, it’s important that once you’ve signed the contract you still have enthusiasm and on-going support from your new provider!

For us, it’s about ensuring your team know exactly what benefits they have, how to access them and to engage them throughout the duration of your term with us.

We do this by;

  • Providing relevant perks with great savings (not your 3%, 5% or 8%… we’re talking £601 of freebies, buy-one-get-one-frees, and upto 30% off full priced items!)
  • A comprehensive welcome email, outlining their new work perks and benefits and how to access them
  • An assisted launch for business over 150 people, to help with tech support and navigating the app for anybody who may need a little more help (usually 3 weeks after launch)
  • A weekly email with our latest and popular perks
  • Promoting all our perks across our social media channels
  • Sending our monthly offer brochures to you to share internally or post on your organisation’s intranet or notice boards

This is why we have retained 94% of our customers after their initial 12-month term.


Some benefit providers have one off set-up fees to onboard you and your team – it’s always worth double checking so you know exactly what costs are involved when you’re comparing.

With Live Like Loyalty, we have no hidden costs or fees. For transparency, all our prices can be found on our website.

How long are you and your organisation going to be tied in for and what does the notice period look like?

Live Like Loyalty asks for a minimum sign up of 12-months, after that all our agreements are rolling one-month contracts. We ask for notice by 10th of each month for the following month.

Providers do offer 1-year, 3-year & 5-year contracts, which option is best for you and your budget for the future?

We are confident in our services and have worked hard to ensure that we offer our benefits at the most competitive rates we can. We keep our prices exactly the same whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer.

We like to keep things fair so all our rates are exactly the same. For more information on our pricing, please see our rates here.

Just as much as looking after our local people, businesses have a duty to look after our environment and ensure they are acting ethically.

As you may have guessed by now our ‘why’ is looking after independents and local communities. Live Like Loyalty was founded to support these unique businesses that provide us with unrivalled customer service, artisan products and diverse and specialised services.

We have not done this to meet the Social Value Acts and tick boxes, we have done this because we care… but we do meet Social Value Act requirements and tick the boxes too!

We always look to partner with companies that share the same core values as us and only add perks that we would use ourselves.

We don’t claim to be Deborah Meaden but it’s no accident that to redeem all our perks, it is a paperless process!

So when you’re comparing perks, here’s a few pointers on what to ask. If you chose the right provider you can unlock even more benefits for your organisation than just work perks!