Frequently Asked Questions About Live Like Loyalty 


What is Live Like Loyalty?

Live Like Loyalty is an app based Staff Perks Scheme that supports the local economy.

How do I join?

Please either call 01522 412151 or get in touch through the contact form.

How many employees do I need to join?

4 employees is the minimum

How does it work?

Once you are signed up you will receive details of how to log in to our app

How do the offers work?

Generally, you need to show the app to whomever you are getting the discount from, we like to keep things simple. However, please see T + C’s on every offer.

Can I use the offers more than once?

Yes, some of the offers you can use multiple times and some are one offs, for instance 1 cinema ticket is per person per month

How do the payments work?

We sign you up through a secure website called Go Cardless, this will then take your monthly amount(depending on your number of employees) out at the beginning of every month.

Will I get invoices?

You will get an invoice at the beginning of every month.

What happens when people leave or I get new starters?

We can simply swap them over or delete their accounts. 

Are your prices likely to go up as you get more offers?

No, the price you agree will be the same all year including new starters.

Can I customise my page?

Yes, every company has the option to have their own logo on their page.