FAQs About Our Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits are provided by your employer in addition to your pay. These can include free coffees, to discounts on local restaurants, wellness offers, to discounted gym membership and career coaching. FAQs about employee benefits provided by us will be explained further in this page.

This is one of our the most common FAQs about employee benefits of Live Like Loyalty.

So much so, we have written a blog to answer just that! You can read it here!

In short, as our benefit packages are app-based our users can access their perks and support at any time from their smartphones.

Our perks are relevant, local and easy to redeem so our engagement rates are high!

Employees across the UK can access Employee Benefits from Live Like Loyalty!

Great if you have teams who work remotely across the country – you can offer the same award winning benefits!

Our partners give us an exclusive offer just for our subscribers. You can redeem by either pressing redeem in-store and provide your unique offer code upon payment. Or online, by entering your code at checkout to receive your discount or free gift.

We kindly ask our subscribers to please check any offer terms & conditions on the offer listing before redeeming an offer.

Some offers are valid for single time use whilst other perks are completely unlimited! Some are redeemable a set amount each month (such as our free coffees!) and tokens will reset on the 1st of the month.

We handpick and invite our partners to join us. We only invite independent businesses to showcase promotional listings with us. You can find out how we pick our perks and your new rewards in more detail here.

We’re very happy to hear about new independents or boutiques. If you’d like to recommend a great local business or are a great local business yourself and would like to be considered to be on our app, then please get in touch.

We cater for organisations of all sizes, from 4 colleagues right up to teams in their 1000’s!

To sign up to our benefits, we ask for a minimum of 4 employees for an initial term of 12-months.

Absolutely! Live Like Loyalty is all about keeping local spend within local communities.

Once you provide our staff perks to your team, you can acknowledge this in your Social Value Mission Statement and related policies as well as any CSR policies you may have as an organisation. (Especially great if your company submits tenders!)

Yes! Get in touch with the team today and as part of our formal proposal we will send you our list of current offers in your area so you can see exactly what great value for money we are!

If we’ve got you this far, there’s a chance you really like what we do and think we’d be a great fit for your team. We’ve answered what happens next in our blog here.

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During Launch

Once you have accepted our proposal, we will send you a GoCardless link to set up your monthly subscription payment. Also, we will send CSV file to populate with the details of your members.

As soon as we have the subscription set up and the completed CSV file back, we can agree a go live date and get your team ready to redeem!

Are subscription packages are all billed by direct debit. We use GoCardless to manage all our payments.

Payments are generally set up for the 1st of each month with the invoices sent out to your accounts team.

For any accounts queries, copies of invoices or account statements – please contact our accounts team.

Each subscriber is allocated to their company and this is displayed each time the user opens the app – so they know exactly who to thank for providing their award-winning staff perks! We can even add your logo to the app at no extra charge!

We also offer organisations of over 200 colleagues a ‘Bespoke Category’ on our platform to display any additional benefits, perks and pension arrangements you may provide. Handy for new starters!

Absolutely! If you want to bring your EAP and staff perks under one roof in one handy easy to use app – you can at any time!

We ask for a further commitment of 12-months from point of upgrade.

On the agreed go live date, you and your team will receive two emails from us; the first a very warm welcome and a link to download our app onto your phone and then a temporary password to use to get you online.

Once you’re signed in, the app will prompt you to change your password to something more user friendly and memorable! Then you’re ready to redeem!

*Our temporary passwords are only valid for 2 weeks, if you haven’t managed to set your account up in this time – you’ll need to contact us to reset your account.

You can see just how easy it is to get started in our handy how to guide here.

For our Perks Plus and Perks Platinum subscribers, you will also receive an email from our partner Telus Health on how to get started with your EAP and/or Telemedicine Services depending on your subscription level.

After Launch

Each Friday we send our subscribers an email with our latest offers and news from our perk partners. Our Friday Emails are a great reminder to check your app and to see what is new!

We also add our latest offers and partners to our Instagram page, so it’s always worth following us over there too to keep up to date with all things Live Like Loyalty!

This is another common FAQs about employee benefits from Live Like Loyalty!

We completely understand that staffing levels and team members can change throughout the year.

We ask for an initial minimum sign up for 4 colleagues and are very happy to swap team members that have left with your new starters once a month.

Just send us an email by the 20th of each month and we’ll get your new team members redeeming in time for the 1st.

We pride ourselves on our customer service so you can contact us any working day and receive a reply within 24 hours.

Should you have a query or need a hand, please email us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours Mon- Fri (although it is usually much sooner!).

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