Live Like Loyalty – Your LOCAL Staff Perks

Photo of Staff perks on Live Like Loyalty app in hands of woman at coffee shop

What is Live Like Loyalty?

Live Like Loyalty is an exciting employee perks and rewards scheme offering freebies, discounts and one-off exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. The reward scheme app includes promotions on food, travel, fashion, health, beauty, entertainment and much more. 

We have nearly 200 partners on the app that all offer some of the best rewards available to the people of Lincolnshire and now Nottinghamshire too!

Are you an employee or employer?

If you are an employee looking for a great rewards scheme you can actually use in your area then read on. If you are an employer then please skip to the next section. 

Employee Rewards Scheme 

The Live Like Loyalty app has so many unique perks from free coffees to freebies at local fashion retailers and discounts on food, drink and nights out, we have the best rewards for you and your colleagues. 

We have worked hard to provide offers with businesses whose names that you recognise and love across the East Midlands.

To see just some of our offers, please check our Perks page. Or, for our full list of our current offers, please contact us today.

There are so many more offers to enjoy and signing up to the Live Like Loyalty rewards scheme has never been easier.

Business owners, we are talking to you

We all know that these past 18 months have been hard on employees, from not being able to see their colleagues, to working from home and the strain that the pandemic has put on our lives as we knew them. 

As a result of this more businesses than ever are looking to reward their teams, not just for their continued dedication but also for their loyalty through this turbulent time. Businesses just like yours are looking to support their team in new ways, including employee reward schemes that they actually want to use. This is where Live Like Loyalty is the perfect app for you and your team.

When creating the app and working with local businesses to get the very best deals, we haven’t just collated the very best food and drink offers. We have also thought of all those little things, the bigger things like a new kitchen and those tedious life admin tasks. Yes we have exclusive offers on pretty much everything that your staff want and need.

Offers and rewards include;


      • Over £584 worth of complete FREEBIES (without spending a single penny!)

      • Lots of buy-one-get-one-frees

      • Huge discounts and savings on food and drink 

      • Exclusive discounts at local fashion retailers

    And much more!

    From only £5 per month per employee we are sure you’ll agree that we offer an amazing scheme you won’t find anywhere else. 

    Local research shows that if you were to spend with a local independent business then for every £1 spent, 63p stays in the local economy. However if you spend with a large business then only 40p will stay in Lincolnshire. 

    We cannot think of a better way to put that 63p back into the local economy and supporting Lincolnshire and signing up to our employee rewards scheme. Not only will it become one of your employees favourite apps, you are helping to look after Lincolnshire too!

    Sounds good? Get in touch with us today