Happy Employee Appreciation Day

Did you know It’s national employee appreciation day today…

I know there’s too many of these national days to keep up with, but it’s my job to remind you about this particular one!

As you can imagine, we meet a lot of business owners around Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and what may not surprise you is that every single one we meet are all passionate about looking after their employees and keeping the team happy.

We’ve met a lot of really fantastic bosses over the years but one we met this week had such a happy team, it inspired us to share some of his tips (with his permission of course!).  

Daniel Briggs , Founder & CEO of Motorfinity Group in Newark. 

The second we walked into Motorfinity’s office we could feel the electric atmosphere. It was one of the most extraordinary workspaces we’ve been to (and we’ve been to a lot!). The office was open plan with lots of break out spaces, break rooms, plush soft furnishings and a karaoke machine and pool table. This was clearly somewhere that prioritised employee wellbeing…

 As we do with every meeting our first question is a bit of fact finding to check we are the right fit!

‘What do you currently have in place to look after your staff?’

Usual responses may include “we’ve got health insurance”, “we treat everybody to pizzas for lunch on a Friday” or “we have a Social Committee who arrange our Christmas Party and a summer social”…

However, I think the response we got from Motorfinity must have been the strongest offering we’ve ever heard…

Daniel explained that it’s really important to them and they have a number of things in place for his team, however always happy to discuss new ideas.

It’s always great to meet with likeminded employers who understand the benefits that a good employee offering has.

Daniel shared just some of the benefits he offers to the team as standard including:

  • Private medical cover
  • Paid day off for birthdays
  • Gym memberships
  • “Free bar Friday” with a 4pm finish each week

Motorfinity have gone one step further and have introduced a cost of living support scheme that includes paid “bonuses” and interest free loans to help their team through this turbulent time.

You could really feel he has worked hard to keep the team happy and it was clearly working . There was such an amazing atmosphere in the office, they even have cartoon versions of themselves on the wall with their sales dashboard.

So the team are

Very driven +  Very happy!  that surely has got to =  the PERFECT workplace ??

If you are a business owner and do special things for your staff, or a team member who has a boss that makes the difference, we would love you to share these successes so we can all learn from them.

On that note, happy Employee Appreciation Day, have a great weekend!