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Have You Got FOMO?

Live Like Loyalty users … please do not worry if you have suffered this phenomenon!

We are about to give you all the tools you need to remedy this very real problem. We are of course talking about… 

FOMO… Fear of missing offers!

FOMO or fo·mo [foh-moh]

noun Slang.
a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on your work perks, as an opportunity to save money and support independents: 
If I don’t use my Live Like Loyalty app to redeem a perk, I get a bad case of FOMO.

Problem solved…

Our employee benefits platform has just had a new release, version v5.5.1.

Available with our latest release is our newest feature – our search bar!

Simply add what you’re looking for into the search bar…

Anything from cinema, to cocktails to kids…

And your results will appear like magic and filtered by the closest to you!

Especially handy if you’re venturing a new county! Or can’t quite remember the name of that coffee shop you wanted to try!

Then click on your chosen result and redeem! It’s that easy to use your perks with Live Like Loyalty!

So next time you’re at risk of FOMO, we’ve got you. Just use your search bar for all your latest offers, perks & discounts!