How do we select our perks (and your new rewards!)?

Live Like Loyalty app showing new offers

At over 200 exclusive perks across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, we know you must be wondering how do we select our perks to be your new rewards for your team.

Our three employee benefit packages have our staff perks included as standard.

All the local independents that showcase an offer with us on our app, we refer to as ‘partners’ – our partners have the opportunity to promote an offer for their business to hopefully bring them new customers. We ask that this offer is completely exclusive and very exciting and cannot be found elsewhere. – Encouraging the local workforce to support their locals instead of the bigger chains.

According to Totally Locally, if every adult in the UK spent just £5 per week with an independent instead of a chain or in a supermarket, this would be worth an extra £13.5bn per year to the local economy…

…makes you think doesn’t it.

We hand select our partners, either by personal experience, recommendation or by trying out for ourselves the new café/shop/cocktail bar that’s just opened up.

The first thing we do, is check that they are totally independent – it is important to us to support our local independents as much as we can and support our local high streets. So much so that this is actually our company’s guiding principle!

Great customer service is an absolutely priority to us, both for our own business and for those independents we choose to support. We want to ensure that we are providing our subscribers with the best independents that we can, where they can expect a warm welcome and a friendly smile.

Once we know we’re onto a great local, we make sure that they are a great fit for our offering. Whether that’s their service or product or their location. We will never oversaturate an industry or a location with similar perks.

When we went live in 2019, we had 34 partners with 34 great local perks and thought we were bursting at the seams for our subscribers. Just over 3 years later, we now proudly showcase perks from 200 local independents across the East Midlands and support employers across these counties to attract and retain top-quality talent with our employee benefit packages.

As we grow, geographically (hello Nottingham!) and also in number of offers we have implemented new categories and continue to rely on valued feedback to improve our customer journey and offering.

If you’re an existing subscriber, please let us know how we’re doing and which perks are perfect for you! More importantly, let us know if there’s anything else you want to see on our exclusive staff benefit app.

Or is there a great little local that’s just opened up that we need to go visit (any excuse!).