Imagine buying your staff everything they wanted for Christmas….

Photo of boxes wrapped for Christmas

It’s always hard working out what your staff would like for Christmas, some of them you may know well but others not all! Do you buy something personal or generic? Well imagine if you could buy every single member of staff something they all loved? Imagine that one of them would get a day out for free (on you) another could go and get cocktails for free (on you) or maybe goodie bags, facials…. the list is endless! Well now they can, all you need to do is subscribe to Live Like Loyalty staff perks and they will have access to over 100 offers, freebies and discounts. All you need to do is pay for their subscription and they can enjoy all sorts of wonderful things all over the County. What a great Christmas gift that would be – give us a call and we can help your staffs Christmas dreams come true.