It’s A Bad Day…

Independent Business Storefront

It’s a bad day for Live Like Loyalty today.

We had to remove a perk partner as they had abruptly ceased trading over the weekend. It’s not often we need to remove partners and if we’re honest it stings a bit.

Supporting independent businesses really is at the heart of what we do and we work hard with our partners to ensure their offers, not only appeal to our users, but work for the business too!

From our inception, it has been our mission to support local independent businesses which in turn promotes local high streets and keeps local economies strong. This is one of our biggest differentiators between us and the big players in our industry!

Live Like Loyalty incentivises local workforces to support their independents and as we have grown, we now offer a national employee benefit package that solely supports the fantastic independent businesses we have here across the UK.

Whilst we know there are lots of challenges for business owners at the moment there’s always a sting in the tail for us when a very much valued partner is forced to close their doors. Whilst our thoughts are with the owners and employees of the business, we are only spurred on more to do what we do, and continue to shine a light on independent businesses.

It really is true; use them, or lose them!

If you would like to discuss our employee benefit packages and how you can look after your team, as well as the local economy, please get in touch today.

Or, if you’re an independent business owner who would like to discuss partnering with us, please get in touch too!