On Set with Wallbreaker… a BIG reveal coming soon!

Photo behind the scenes filming with Wallbreaker for our brand video

What fun we had last Thursday as we watched our new brand video being filmed by the brilliant Wallbreaker. It’s always nice to have a day out doing something different and meeting new people, but what really struck me was that you must have the patience of a saint to; 
         A) Be Filmmakers
         B) Be an Actor

It was truly fascinating watching these real professionals doing take after take until the team were all completely happy. Whilst the wonderful Megan Rose was a true professional, acting with the same enthusiasm on the last take as she did from the very first take. We were so excited to get Megan back again this year for another video, she has a wonderfully expressive face, we feel that fits the bill perfectly for our brand!

As if this wasn’t enough… we have been rather lucky to get someone rather exciting to do the voice over, our lips are sealed… you will have to wait!

Also thank you to Sarah and the team at APSS for letting us use their stunning offices for the shoot! We are all jumping up and down with excitement to see and hear the final edit!

Lastly we hope all our customers and friends have a wonderful Christmas… See you in the New Year, when we will be doing the BIG REVEAL!!!! #filmmakers #video #staffperks