Our GP Service

Our Telemedicine Service

Our Telemedicine Service enables your team to access fast, effective and contact-free medical advice from the comfort of their own home, work or local pharmacy*.

Many individuals and businesses simply cannot afford private medical insurance, with Telemedicine you can access a GP within an average wait time of 90 minutes to assist with common illnesses such as sinus infections, ear infections, UTI’s, rashes, allergies, migraines and injuries or muscle pain.

Significantly reducing your wait time to be seen and getting you on the road to recovery much quicker!

GPs are able to

Diagnose & treat conditions

Complete full remote clinical examinations using state-of-the-art medical technology

Issue private prescriptions

Issue private referrals to specialists

(where necessary)

Offer private fit notes for work or school

(if required)

GP Services With Telus Health, How Does It Work?

With Telus Health’s Telemedicine Service, you can book a video consultation, available 7 days a week.

  • Visit the Telus Health One platform – Simply click on the quick link within the Support & Resources section.
  • Choose a date and time that suits you – You will receive a confirmation email and an SMS with the access link.
  • Start your consultation at the appointed time – Call the GP on video by clicking on the access link.
  • Receive GP services including medical advice, guidance and reassurance and where appropriate diagnosis, treatment or onward referral – Your doctor will listen to your symptoms, diagnose your issue and provide advice and the best course of action, this may include issuing a prescription or referral for onward investigation.
  • If appropriate, collect your prescription – If your doctor wrote you a prescription, you’ll be able to pick it up from a nearby pharmacy of your choice.

Not sure how to set up your account or access your Telemedicine Service? Click here for our handy how to guide.

To be examined, you can visit over 300+ pharmacy clinics across the UK

  • Visit the Telus Health One platform – Simply click on the quick link within the Support & Resources section.
  • Find your local pharmacy clinic and choose a date and time that suits you.
  • Consult with a GP via video – Book a video consultation a local pharmacy clinic and have a remote examination
  • Your doctor will examine you using various medical equipment available at the clinical station to diagnose your issue and provide a treatment plan, which may include a prescription.
  • Collect your medication – If your doctor wrote you a prescription, any medication will be available to collect on your way out.

You can provide our staff perks, EAP and online GP service as part of our Perks Platinum employee benefit package

Because providing your team with access to our online GP service can save on costs of providing health insurance benefits or paying sick leave, your team will be able to access medical attention earlier and avoid long absences from work. In looking after your team’s health and wellbeing you will increase job satisfaction as well as increased loyalty and improved retention rates.