Our Engagement Experience

Engagement is our absolute priority at Live Like Loyalty. We don’t want to sell you our employee benefits and the next time you see or hear from us is at contract renewal! What is important to us, is that your team are fully aware of the great perks and employee benefits that you are providing and know how to access them!

We engage your team in many ways throughout launch and the duration of your contract. Including:

  • Our ‘Coming Soon’ email, with details of all the employee benefits they’ll soon have access to
  • A comprehensive onboarding journey, taking all subscribers from their welcome email & log-in credentials to how to redeem an offer
  • Weekly emails on a Friday afternoon with our newest perks and relevant offers 
  • Our instagram is kept up to date with all our latest partners and our highlights show you perks by region – so it’s always worth a follow!
  • Our responsive customer service for any technical support – we usually reply within the hour (and have been known to reply on Christmas Eve!)

On top of this, we are now offering our customers an ‘Engagement Experience’.

Over the last few months we have been relauching our enhanced perks with a number of existing customers who have upgraded to our Perks Plus & Perks Platinum packages.

We would now like to offer this (free & very worthwhile!) service to all our existing customers to ensure their teams know exactly what perks they have, how they can access them and of course, how great their boss is!

Up until very recently we only offered this service to customers with over 150 staff!  Now we are opening this up free of charge to all existing and new customers.

We will come to your office at a time suitable for you and your team and spend some time with your staff, ideally in small groups.

We will make sure everybody is logged in and answer any questions and show them how to really get the best from their employee benefits. – All thanks to their boss!

We have done half a dozen of these and it really does help with engagement!

Some colleagues simply don’t have time to look at their emails, or it may have been missed as part of their induction. For whatever reason, some maybe do not realise exactly what they can access on our platform – once they do they engage!

Don't take our word for it...

I can say that from the feedback that I have received it was 100% beneficial to the team, they have all mentioned how good the engagement experience was, and how great it was to see the fantastic offers that they can get from Live Like Loyalty, as well as Life Works, which they all resoundingly thought was a fantastic benefit in itself. So all in all I'd say a huge thanks for coming in on this first visit to promote this, and hopefully the teams will soon be claiming free coffee galore!!
Chris Lamont
Boulder Developments
Having signed up to Live Like Loyalty as an early adoptor for all of our employees, utilising the “Engagement Experience” has ensured that all of the staff are fully aware of new offers and perks. The passion from Vicky and Laura really supports our employees to get the full benefits from the local and national offers but most importantly from the EAP and GP Programme to support their wellbeing.
Tristan Palser