Our Bike2Work Scheme

We’ve partnered with Bike2Work Scheme to bring our subscribers a way to miss the traffic and save up to 48.25% on their next bike!

In the UK, Bike to Work schemes are a popular initiative designed to encourage more people to embrace cycling as a means of commuting.

These schemes provide employees with the opportunity to purchase a bicycle and cycling equipment through a salary sacrifice arrangement, making it more affordable and accessible for individuals to own their dream bike.

Getting started is fast, free & simple! ​

To access our Bike2Work Scheme employers must opt-in and sign up with Bike2Work to receive their company PIN.

Once organisations have done this we will create a listing on our app unique to your company and when you press redeem you will see your company PIN.

Employees can then follow these steps to get their new bike:

  1. Choose your new bike or equipment from over 2,000 partner stores and make sure you get a written quotation to submit to Bike2Work
  2. Employers will recieve an invoice as well as a hire agreement for you both to sign
  3. Once the employer makes the payment, the employee receives their voucher
  4. Take your voucher and collect your new bike or equipment! 


For more information on our partnership with Bike2Work Scheme and our employee benefits packages please get in touch.