Redeem a Local Offer

With over 230+ perks we know it can be hard to know where to start!

All our offers, discounts & freebies have been hand selected by the team at Live Like Loyalty HQ to bring you the very best of our independents.

To redeem a local offer, simply follow these steps…

1. To redeem a local offer you can browse through the categories.

2. Or simply type in the search bar what you are looking for.

3. Select your chosen Perk.

4. Read through the perk details and always have a look at the T&Cs before pressing “Redeem Offer”

5. By pressing ‘Yes’ you will redeem this offer, make sure you’re pressing it when you want to use it. If using in a local shop please do this process in front of the vendor as they will need to physically see you redeem.

6. You will then have your unique offer code to provide to your vendor or input online to redeem

Our offer codes are date stamped and some offers are limited to use once per month so please make sure when you press redeem you really want to press redeem.

To check when you last redeemed an offer, you can see the date stamp here on your app.

We’re handy like that!

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