“So, what’s the next step Vicky?” Our answer here…

Image of Live Like Loyalty app with notepad and glasses

One of my most asked questions by potential customers is “so, what’s the next step Vicky?” and so we thought we’d write a blog to answer just that telling everyone exactly what happens during our onboarding process.

Obviously we want to make things as simple as possible for our customers we promise the process is easy and as quick as possible!

After selecting which of our three employee benefits packages are right for you and your team. Our three-step process includes…

  1. You sign off our proposal with an e-signature and confirm your ‘go live’ date
  2. We send you a CSV file to populate with your team’s names and email addresses
  3. We then send over a secure GoCardless link for you to complete to set up monthly payments for your subscription 

Once these are all completed we are well on the way to providing your team with award-winning staff perks in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Ahead of the go live date, we will send an introductory email letting your team know what a great boss you are and what they can expect in the next few days regarding their new employee benefits package.

To go live, we send your team two emails; the first a very warm welcome to their new incentives that they can redeem throughout the whole of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire and where to download our app. The second, a temporary password that will get them online and ready to redeem!

We are always around to provide support each working day between 9 – 5 (just like Dolly Parton!) and will be on hand throughout launch day for any technical support or questions.

Our support email address is monitored by the team and we try to get back to any support requests within the hour, although officially we say 24 hours.

Looking after your team doesn’t stop there by any means, we are very keen to make sure your staff are engaged and enjoying all the amazing offers that you have provided for them. 

After launch, there is a series of emails reminding your team to download our award-winning app (if they haven’t already!) and other useful tips like how to navigate the app and redeem an offer. 

Each Friday we email our subscribers with any new offers or partners near them and you can guarantee lots of seasonal updates throughout the year. Not only that, we send out a monthly update pack to your HR team to share internally whether this is on email, added to your internal portal or intranet.

If at any point you welcome new team members, just let us know and we can add them onto your subscription and amend your monthly payment. Equally if you would like to remove any accounts we can sort this for you too. 

I hope this answers your question, if you wanted to ask us “so, what happens next?”. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions on how our subscription can work for your team or to start the process in providing your company with award-winning local staff perks.

Email: hello@livelikeloyalty.com

Tel: 01522 412 151