Our Own Company Culture at Live Like Loyalty HQ

Photo of Live Like Loyalty team, Annabel, Vicky and Laura

Would you visit a dentist who had bad teeth? No… you probably wouldn’t …

Here at Live Like Loyalty, we really do practice what we preach!

During the summer, our small team has grown by one which gives us a grand total of 2 full-timers in myself and newbie Laura and Annabel our part-time photographer and social media guru.

Over far too many flat whites and cappuccinos (you might have noticed, we love our coffees here!) this week, we have discussed our own #companyculture and why we are all so passionate about what we do, how we do it and the Live Like Loyalty ethos. Admittedly, without setting a culture manifesto or guiding work principles – I have realised that our culture is pretty damn good!

There are many reasons for this but one very important one is that all 3 of us put our families ahead of everything, even work. This wonderful work-life balance that we all have means the set days of 9-5 don’t really exist at LLL HQ, – I mean they do – but if one of us needs time to attend to something non-work related then we do it and that works for all of us.

On days when one of us is not feeling our best, whether a late night on the town (me last night!) or a young family keeping us up (Laura & Annabel!), we pick up each other’s workload and ensure that our partners and subscribers are looked after. A complete team effort.

Remote working provides us all with so much flexibility and our days together at our HQ in the Mosaic Digital Hub Building really foster our team spirit and team culture. Days that we are not together, our group WhatsApp pings with ideas, new social media post ideas and yes, memes. I know that as a team we all bring heaps of energy, passion, excitement and lots of motivation.

Like any company we have our highs and lows but we have each others’ back and we treat each other with respect, warmth and love (dare I say it!). A cliche but true for us, we really are a family.

This is what I have always wanted to achieve for my customers, I have always wanted to make them feel special, and I realised this week how much of a drive for all of us this culture is.

When you think about it, a Staff Perks company should really lead by example and put their staff first though shouldn’t they? …So just like going to a dentist with good teeth, we are a local staff perks company with great culture and a passion for putting our team first.