The Importance of Company Culture by Our First Employee

“Call me back when you’ve had your breakfast”

“Have the rest of the day to sort the little one out and we’ll catch up tomorrow”

“I’m taking you to get your nails done”

“Take Monday off on me, sort everything out and we’ll talk Tuesday”

“Are YOU ok? You’re not yourself today…”

“Stop emailing now and lets go play with the kittens”

These are all things my boss has said to me recently.

On the face of it, I’ve got a very lovely little job but it’s much more than that. It’s our company culture.

As a team of three we are Live Like Loyalty, we’re the face of the business, we’re the tech support, we’re the accounts queries, we’re the sales team, we’re the marketing officers – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve worked for some great organisations (CreativeRace, Eppendorf UK here’s looking at you) and some not great organisations (no comment!). What made CreativeRace and Eppendorf UK such great places to work were the people, and the people at the top.

In my experience, company culture is how you’re made to feel, how your contributions are valued and how the job gets done. Good or bad, this starts at the top.

I joined Vicky in July last year, my interview was a very informal at a coffee shop with her soon to be husband hours before I was due to fly to Kefalonia. What I liked about Vicky was her passion, her drive and her determination about the business. But what I loved about Vicky was her personality, her sense of humour, her kindness. I liked the job, I loved the people.

I said it in my interview and it still rings true today, what I love about Live Like Loyalty is that it’s both sides of the coin. Live Like Loyalty supports independent, family-run businesses – TICK! And also helps employers to engage, motivate and look after their teams – TICK! For me, this is an opportunity to work for good, to make a difference.

On Employee Appreciation Day, I’d like to share my Employer Appreciation and thank Vicky for…

  • Hiring me to do a sales job when I had never done it before – for believing in me and giving me the opportunity.
  • Noticing that an entirely sales role wasn’t quite for me and it wasn’t where I was thriving.
  • For seeing that her strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are her areas for improvement!
  • For enabling me to do school pick-ups and to work with some flexibility (some of my best ideas are at 9pm on a Friday night!)
  • Trusting me with her third baby.

Because what Vicky, Live Like Loyalty, our partners and all our subscribers get from me in return is:

  • Complete passion for what we do.
  • Excellent customer service and the willingness to ALWAYS go the extra mile (even resetting accounts on Christmas Eve – you know who you are!)
  • Increased productivity and motivation to work harder.
  • Flexibility for that late night phone call or Saturday visit for some reel content.
  • My attention to detail and never cutting corners.
  • Stepping in on my day off to pick something up.
  • Less lost hours through sick days and Monday morning slumps.
  • Working for the best interests of our customers, our subscribers, our partners and our company.

This is how we do it.

…and that’s why company culture is important.