Upto 40% off cinema tickets with our new partner

We’ve partnered with FilmPass, an independent film club, to give our subscribers discounted cinema tickets to over 400+ cinemas nationwide including Showcase, The Savoy, Cineworld, Odeon and Vue!

We’ve been searching for a way to add cinema tickets to our offering for a while! – It was important for us to stay true to our ethos of supporting independent businesses whilst adding a great perk with local cinemas.

Thanks to FilmPass, now we can! (And what a great deal it is too!)

Save up to 40% off box office prices when you book via FilmPass – all details on how to access this perk are on your Live Like Loyalty platform.

We don’t quite know how we’ve kept this one quiet for as long as we have! We’re all absolutely thrilled to have partnered with FilmPass and we know this is very quickly going to become one of our most popular perks!