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Support local businesses and provide employee's the local discounts they really want.
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An Employee Benefit Scheme Unlike Any Other

Unlike other benefit schemes, Live Like Loyalty was created to give the local workforce access to the local benefits they really want. We provide relevant and exciting Local perks for subscribers as well as a fully comprehensive national benefit package including EAPs, Bike2Work Scheme and a Telemedicine Service. However, it is our core belief that it is our spectacular local brands which provide unmatched experiences through a series of local partnerships.

To this end, we’ve carefully curated three distinct packages that utilise our brilliant portfolio of partners to provide everything your employees need to shine – whether its emotional, financial or physical, our partners have your back.

Regardless of what your staff enjoy, theres an experience for everyone. Not to mention it’s just one click away…

Exclusive Local gems

No employee benefits scheme would be complete without allowing employee’s to use their benefits in their local favourites! Live Like Loyalty is built at its core to support these businesses and provide employee’s the benefits they really want. Whether its a free coffee at your local stokes or a discount at the local pub, we reward our partners’ loyal customers to thank them for supporting local businesses!

Access to over 1,000 perks and discounts

Supporting local business does not mean a lack of variety by any means, Our perks include perks and benefits in a multitude of national chains that any employee benefit package would be incomplete without. With a selection like ours, theres something for everyone.

Show your staff you care with EAP/Telemedicine

Go above an beyond and support your staff with our emplayee assistance programs offering a variety of services that ensure the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of staff is accounted for.

How staff perks can benefit your business


of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise¹


of employees stay with their employer longer when provided an employee benefits package²


of talent consider would choose on job over if it offered superior benefits³


Benefitting Local Businesses since 2019

A package for Everyone


Our core offering of local staff perks with:

  • 240+ offers & discounts with the best independents on your doorstep
  • Access to our Coffee Club
  • Bike2Work Scheme
  • Great offers on Fashion, Everyday Spends, Going Out, Eating Out, Family Days Out, Hair & Beauty and much more..

Perks Plus

All the staff perks included in our core offering, plus our EAP employee benefits that include:

  • 24/7/365 Support Helpline
  • Access to LifeWorks Wellbeing Platform & Mobile App
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Wellbeing Newsfeed
  • Employee Legal Helpline
  • Consulting Services with finances, debt advice, housing, parenting, eldercare and more
  • Access for dependents
  • Access to National perks, supermarket, cash back & gift card offers

Perks Platinum

Combining our core staff perks with perks plus and our GP Service for the ultimate employee benefit package, that includes:

  • Unlimited same day GP appointments
  • Fast access to GP services
  • Medical advice, guidance and reassurance and where appropriate diagnosis, treatment or onward referral
  • Private prescriptions, private referrals or fit notes
  • Access to 300+ pharmacy clinics
  • Complete full remote clinical examinations using state-of-the-art medical technology