You asked, We answered.

Our Local Beginnings

When we first started Local Perks, our mission was clear: to support local independent businesses and provide unique, valuable benefits to employees of subscribing companies. We forged strong relationships with local vendors, offering exclusive discounts and perks that helped drive local economies and foster a sense of community. Our customers loved the local flavor and personal touch that came with our benefits, and we built a loyal following.

Listening to Our Customers

Around 6 months ago we added in a search bar to help you navigate your way around the app. It also helped us to do a spot of internal market research we began to hear a consistent message from our customers—they wanted more. While they appreciated the local perks, they also desired the convenience and variety of benefits from national brands. We knew it was time to expand our offerings to meet these evolving needs, without losing sight of our original mission.

Local & National Perks - Like You've never seen before

…And then it snowballed!.. We decided we needed a new approach, a different way of thinking and a fresh new look. Cue a re-brand. We have kept our signature gold, symbolising the great local independents who will always be our hero’s, with our crown placed at the center. We have also decided to use our signature & coral to emphasize our new & national partners illustrated as the smaller conjoining circle, who will go the extra mile to make sure that savings are never too far away.

Now, employees can enjoy discounts and perks from both beloved local businesses and well-known national chains. This expansion allows us to provide a more comprehensive benefits package that caters to a wider range of preferences and lifestyles.

Staying True to Our Roots

Despite our expansion, supporting local independents remains at the core of what we do. We continue to seek out new partnerships with local vendors, ensuring that our local offers are as robust and appealing as ever. The heart of our mission—to support local businesses and provide exceptional value to our customers—remains unchanged.

we realised it’s also important to give the people what they want. That extra discount on top of clubcard offers just fills that ‘winning at life’ bucket. Every little helps so they say in Tesco!

A new Live Like Loyalty

These colors now symbolic of our local and national offerings can be seen throughout our site and will be evident in all marketing communications going forward as well as numerous changes to our site/app that make it more ergonomic and personal. This includes:

Looking Forward

Our rebranding is more than just a design change; it’s a reflection of our growth and our dedication to serving you better. We’ve also revamped our website and mobile app to make it easier for you to discover and access your benefits, whether they come from your favorite local café or a national retail giant.

I invite you to explore the new Live Like Loyalty and experience the best of both worlds—local charm and national reach.

We’re excited about this new chapter and look forward to continuing to provide you with the benefits you value most. Thank you for being a part of our journey!